Showcase Branding Ideas Via Android Phone Mockup PSD

Do you have branding ideas that you want to present to clients or potential ones? Then make sure you package it with the Android phone mockup PSD.

Android Phone Mockup PSD

Branding is important. It serves as a driving force of a particular business. All businesses should really know this definitive concise explanation by now. However, some startups think that it may not be a priority. Some believe that branding can come when sales are already getting good. You have to read this article because it will provide you with some vital ideas why you need an Android phone mockup PSD as a branding tool.
It’s your responsibility to show clients or potential clients that branding should be part of the planning and operational necessities when starting a business. Here’s a great idea: Use an Android phone mockup PSD to make your branding pitch, particularly to startups that are not yet convinced about the importance of branding.

Know more about the Android phone mockup PSD
If you are unaware what an Android phone mockup PSD is, you should. It’s a mockup that uses an Android phone as the main component. It is basically a template. You just need to put your own design on the screen of the Android phone. It’s a matter of simple editing—very simple editing. As in the copy-paste type of editing. It’s in PSD form so that you can easily edit it.

Make sure that you have a high-resolution presentation tool to use so that it won’t be jarring. It’s quite a turn off if the presentation tool is of low quality. It doesn’t matter if the content of your presentation is so good because clients will always see that first view, which is not great. Some clients are meticulous. But it doesn’t matter if they are, because you should! Every output that comes out of you should be perfect or at least close to it. Every project should be planned well and executed efficiently.

The Android phone mockup is a great tool for you because of the versatility of the Android products. It’s versatile because there are a lot of brands under the Android operating system. The most popular is probably Samsung but Google is also closing in. There is also Huawei, Sony and Lenovo, among others.

Why use a phone mockup in branding?
There are a number of ways to make a presentation. You can do a PowerPoint presentation or a video presentation, if you want to. When you do a phone mockup, though, you are also making another specific campaign: mobile marketing. This is a great way to really do a company’s branding campaign considering how important smartphones are to people.

Almost all working individuals have a smartphone because it is not just a device for communication with people. It is now a device that can actually do work. What this means is that people can do their work through the smartphone. For example, the Notes app and other similar applications allow people to write a report on their phone. They can also write emails when they need to. If work involves taking photos and videos, the phone is also capable of that.

People, too, pay bills using a smartphone. And if they are bored, they can entertain themselves with games or with social media. What I’m trying to say is that a lot of people are on their phone multiple hours a day, thus, making the smartphone a great venue for marketing.

Branding before marketing
You have to understand, though, that branding is an intrinsic part of marketing. Before you start marketing, you have to create a brand for your client. Branding is of course the marketing practice wherein a company develops its own identity. That corporate identity has a name and symbol known as the logo. Branding can solely be the job of a marketing firm. However, the best practice would be collaborative effort between the owner and the firm.

It’s pretty common for entrepreneurs to create the company’s name and logo by themselves. If they are not done with cohesion, then that’s not really branding. The name and the logo of the company should be created at the same time and with the same purpose.

This is why a lot of companies fail in creating a brand because they don’t see the importance of it in the first place. They think that as long as the business has a name, logo, store and the products and services needed, then they are good to operate their business.

Branding is important because the goal is to make an impression. If you make an impression then people will remember the brand. When they remember the brand, they are more than likely to buy from that brand. Not only that, they might even tell their family and friends about the brand.

Perhaps there are also entrepreneurs who prefer to just depend on the firm to provide branding concepts and identity because they prefer to focus on the operations of the business. If this is the case, you have to make sure that you don’t lose the company’s core just because you are given free reign on how to create the branding image of a company. Hence, the best deal would be a collaboration between the two. But while it is a collaboration, you have to do more work. It would be great, though, if you also allow the business owner to have a voice on the matter.

Showcase ideas
Now, it’s your responsibility to showcase your branding ideas through the Android phone mockup PSD. Get to know the entrepreneur and what they want in their brand in order to craft the best concept. If you are given free reign to create a name and logo of the brand, then make sure you provide more than just a linear concept. You have to show the name and logo in different concepts.

On the other hand, if the business already has a name in mind, respect that. Try to mold the business logo and identity in a way that it would make the name make sense. Also, don’t be afraid to add your two cents. Perhaps there is a way to improve the name.

What do you show in your presentation? First, you show the logo on its own. Then you showcase the name and the logo on a proposed website. How would a website look? Since we are talking about mobile marketing here, make sure that the proposal includes a responsive design.

At least, this would be made clear since you will be showing the proposed design through the phone mockup. The mockup is also a good way to present your social media plan. How would the company’s Facebook look? How about Instagram and LinkedIn? Should they have Twitter, too?

Don’t forget the responsive design when you showcase your branding and marketing proposal. The responsiveness of a mockup design is important to draw the attention of the potential customers during business presentations. Ideally, it can trigger people to participate. Of course, you’re presenting the idea related to your conceptualized product because you want to hear the feedback and comments of the target customers. By this way, you can refine and polish your product according to the needs and demands of the market.

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